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Lisa Freeman is a woman of faith, wife, mom & a GG! A Serial Entrepreneur who began her professional career 25 years ago. She started braiding hair at the age of 13 and later pursued a professional career as a Cosmetologist in her home town Richmond, VA. After building a successful clientele she was then faced with a huge faith test to move to Raleigh, NC where her & her husband are building successful entrepreneurial careers. 

Lisa is affectionately known as a person of inspiration & style. Some of her hobbies include family time, DIY projects, reading, shopping & studying personal development. When asked what's one thing you wished you would have done as a teenager? She answered, "I wish I wouldn't have waisted so much time wishing I "fit in" with my peers. I later found out it was preparing me to actually be the change! When asked, If you could give one success nugget about your entrepreneurial journey what would it be? Her response,  "To spend every day several times a day telling yourself, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" (Philippians 4:13) There are so many fears & distractions from the world and if you don't constantly build yourself up with faith filled words you can easily get pulled away from your purpose. Her purpose in life is to be the change!

She became a professional hair stylist, owner & shopper of Looks by Lisa Freeman fitness & fashion boutique, wellness & inspirationalist for better health living & now a new author! She is also the founder of  "Let's Build Her Up". A platform for women of all ages, backgrounds, & ethnicities for inspiration to fulfill their purpose & passion in life.  Together with her husband "Len" they are committed to leaving a legacy of strong faith, family values & commitment of marriage. They are also the Founders of their  Marriage platform called "Marriage That Works" 

Below you can purchase her recently published books!

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