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Marriage That Works:

is a marriage ministry we offer to couples who are in need of marital advice. Every couple experience moments of pressure. Sometimes in those moments you may even questions yourself are you really built for marriage. That's a seed trying to be planted to destroy the marriage union. If ignored & not checked it will lead to other behaviors that can lead to more issues. Before it gets out of hand its best to seek help.

We have been married for 26 years and together for 30 years. One powerful tool we learned that helped save our marriage was the "power of agreement". Once we activated this tool together we practiced being more "self-less. We know first hand how it feels to see your spouse like God see's him/her. Our commitment to one another is our ministry. To our family and to others watching up close & afar. We have three adult children & two grandchildren. We have been assisting couples for over 15 years & have experienced just about everything together from becoming ministers, pastoring, business owners, homeownership, workout partners, best friends & now marketplace ministers assisting couples desiring to accomplish their goals & live their best lives as well!

Think you may need our assistance? Click the link below or email to get in contact with us to book a Free 20 min Consultation Session.

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